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Todd Zimmerman's photos were featured on KETC-TV's "Living St. Louis" program.

Zimmerman’s Artwork Featured on Local Television Show

Todd Zimmerman’s photos were featured on KETC-TV’s “Living St. Louis” program.

When St. Louis Community College-Meramec student Todd Zimmerman’s photography professor, David Hanlon, approached him about submitting his photography work for a possible chance to be featured on Channel Nine’s “Living St. Louis,” he was completely shocked.

“I was honored that Dave (Hanlon) would choose my artwork to be submitted, but I was sure it wouldn’t get chosen for the show,” Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman was happily wrong in his prediction. His work using a Holga camera, which allows for a layering of multiple exposures, was featured on the show in late January. The chosen photos capture some of the older industrial areas in and around St. Louis.

“I’m really proud of my Holga work,” Zimmerman said. “The Holga camera has restrictions and quirks that really help with the creative process. It gives me new eyes when looking at boring, mundane objects that are often overlooked.”

Zimmerman’s interest in photography began in 2012 when he received a camera and decided to use it as it as a creative outlet. He enrolled in photography classes at Meramec because of their affordability and proximity to his life. He quickly realized the campus and Photography program had much more to offer though.

“My experience at Meramec has been incredible,” he said. “The professors are talented and great to learn from. The equipment is also top-notch. I’ve looked at other schools, and they just don’t have the same equipment, which is hard to accept.”

This isn’t the first time Zimmerman’s Holga work has been featured. In 2015, he received the Award of Excellence for his Holga work at the Varsity Show of Art St. Louis. His work is also on display at Maryville University in the Invitational Exhibit “A Gathering.” Meramec’s annual literary book, “Currents,” featured his Holga work for its 50th anniversary cover in 2016.

But this is the first time his work has been exposed to such a broad audience.

“My family was very proud,” he said. “I still like to replay the link just to hear my name and see my work on the show. It is surreal to see and hear a local TV show say my name and show my work.”

Although he isn’t too sure about his career plans after Meramec, Zimmerman will continue his photography work, even if it’s just for personal experience and growth.