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Debra Bush-Munson

STLCC Faculty Member Contributes to Science with New Book

Debra Bush-Munson

Debra Bush-Munson, associate professor and director of the Dental Assisting program at St. Louis Community College-Forest Park, recently published a book about the immune response from a new drug.

Her paperback book, titled “The Effect of Troleandomycin on Murine Immune Response,” looks at Troleandomycin, an antibacterial antibiotic made by Pfizer U.S. Pharmaceuticals intended for gram-positive bacterial infections.

Using mouse models, Munson examined drug effect on function of peritoneal-derived phagocytic cells, including neutrophils and macrophages (which help the body fight disease by breaking down foreign particles and bacteria); T-cell mediated contact sensitivity; and drug effects on organ clearance of intravenously administered candidal yeasts.

“Science is the one thing that connects us to the universe, and as we explore its daily wonders, we create a forever yearning to learn more,” said Bush-Munson, who is a doctoral student at Saint Louis University.

For more information and to purchase Bush-Munson’s book, visit Amazon.