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August Message from the Chancellor

STLCC Unveils 2017-2020 Strategic Plan


During my first year at St. Louis Community College, I have had a fantastic experience in meeting and working with community leaders, and the Trustees, faculty, staff and students of the College. I am very impressed by St. Louis, and the incredible dedication of our community to make St. Louis an outstanding place to work, live and play.

St. Louis Community College is a very important asset to the St. Louis Region, and we are fortunate to have an outstanding faculty and staff who are committed to student success. As many of you may already know, the College has had several leadership changes over the years, and I immediately recognized the need to begin work to align our programming and services in the most effective manner with the needs and desires of the entire St. Louis metropolitan service area.

The plan includes the vision, mission, strategic initiatives, and broad goals for the 2017 – 2020 time period. In addition, new College leadership has recently been put in place to more effectively serve our students. We are also redesigning the entire admissions, registration and enrollment processes to better serve our students.

I would like to thank all of our faculty, staff and community members who contributed to our Strategic Plan, and I invite you to stay engaged with us in the years ahead.

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Jeff L. Pittman, Ph.D.

Jeff is the Chancellor of St. Louis Community College, an Adjunct Professor at Indiana State University in Higher Education Leadership and Vice-Chair of the Missouri Community College Association’s Presidents/Chancellors Council.

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