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Watoto Children’s Choir Spreads Universal Message through Concert at STLCC-Wildwood

Members of the Watoto Children’s Choir with STLCC students.

Members of the Watoto Children’s Choir with STLCC students.

The Watoto Children’s Choir, a group of musically talented orphan children from Uganda, gave a live concert for students, faculty, staff and community members on April 17 at St. Louis Community College-Wildwood.

The concert was one of the activities held during the week to recognize the importance of global education.
Sue Bierbaum, instructor for teacher education and organizer of the event, welcomed the audience.

“Our purpose is to bring the world to Wildwood,” she said.

The children’s messages were woven together through lively and poignant songs and dance. They expressed two themes during the concert – their strong belief in the love of God, and the need for people to help one another to realize their dreams.

“I’m doing what I do because of people who encouraged me,” said one of the young adult leaders of the group during the concert. “I always thought a child should have a chance to have a proper education, food, a house, and most of all, a family to become the person you are supposed to become.”

Edwin, age 12, echoed the same sentiments. “Dreams need help to become a reality,” he said.

The universal message was relevant to the students in the crowd. They agreed that encouragement and help from others have helped them continue with their education.

STLCC students presented each of the members of the choir with a handmade bookmark to commemorate their visit.