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Pam McIntyre

President Pam McIntyre to Retire

Pam McIntyre, president for St. Louis Community College’s Meramec and Wildwood campuses, will retire at the end of July. Throughout her 29-year career with STLCC, she has been a pillar of the community, serving students, faculty, and staff across the St. Louis area.

A former high school biology teacher, McIntyre joined STLCC in 1986 as the manager of the South County Education Center. Eight months later, she was promoted to dean of continuing education and special programs at the Meramec campus. For more than 20 years, she oversaw all programs offered at the college’s South County and West County education centers.

“I chose to work for STLCC because the college reflected my personal values,” she explained. “Throughout my career, I have found great satisfaction in serving others and helping adult learners connect with educational opportunities.”

When the college decided to open new facilities to replace the South County and West County education centers, McIntyre was asked to join the steering committees that led the planning efforts. From developing the vision, to determining programming, marketing, staffing, and more, Pam played a key role in helping to open the South County Education and University Center in 2003 and the Wildwood campus in 2007.

“I’m a detail-oriented person and I enjoy managing projects,” she said. “These experiences were exciting for me because they enabled me to apply my project management skills in a diverse way.”

In 2007, McIntyre was presented with a new opportunity: the chance to serve as acting president of the Wildwood campus. While she hadn’t planned to move into campus administration, she took advantage of the opportunity and worked hard to prove herself as a leader. The next year, she became the first president of STLCC at Wildwood. Five years later, she was appointed to serve in a dual capacity as president of both the Wildwood and Meramec campuses.

As her time at STLCC comes to a close, McIntyre said she feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve the St. Louis community for nearly three decades.

“It has been rewarding to work at STLCC because I’ve been able to align my talents with the needs of the college,” she explained. “A career is a journey, and I’ve learned that you have to be flexible and ready to take advantage of an opportunity when it comes your way.”

Upon retirement, McIntyre plans to volunteer for a nonprofit organization, garden, and spend time with family and friends.