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How to Choose a College (Part III): College is More than What Happens Inside the Classroom

open-door-for-webFor most students, what happens in the classroom is only half of the story. They also want to know what opportunities they have when they’re not in class.

But sometimes the more important question is not whether opportunities exist, but whether you will put in the time and effort required to get involved.

No matter what college you choose to attend, there will be countless opportunities for you to learn and grow outside the classroom, and to develop an impressive resume.

It’s just a matter of taking advantage to the opportunities that are presented. Sometimes community college students have greater responsibilities at home than students who “go away” to college, but that doesn’t mean the opportunities don’t exist. It just means that community college students might need to be more intentional about how they spend their time.

Still not convinced that there’s anything else besides classes going on at a community college campus? A few students might disagree with that, especially the journalism students who write for the school newspaper, the officers who run the student clubs, the athletes who play on the fields and courts, and the students who just returned from a semester in Europe.

So might the honors students who recently attended a national leadership conference, the theater students who produced a play, the campus government students who lobbied in Washington, D.C., and the marketing students who just finished internships.

There are also the student ambassadors who help incoming students, the art students whose work is on display at a local store, and the design students who just won top honors at a fashion show.

These are all real examples of students who have decided that they will make the most out of their time on campus at St. Louis Community College. And the payoff is big. You could discover a hidden passion or talent, develop leadership skills, and gain experience in your future field. In addition, many St. Louis Community College students have an opportunity to earn transfer scholarships that are based on academic performance and involvement outside of the classroom. Some of these scholarships cover tuition for two years, giving students the chance to earn a bachelor’s degree without getting into serious debt.

When you choose a college, it’s important to look at all the opportunities that you will have outside of the classroom to learn and grow. And then once you start college, seek them out and build your resume.

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